Stand Design

Laser cutting metals

We operate a number of processes to transform iron including laser metal cutting. This process does not require any mechanical contact with the part which allows for great cutting speed and precision.

Raw materials

We work with top-quality raw materials and put great effort into developing products and storing and transporting them to our customers’ warehouses.


We have a powder paint line to give our metal products a quality finish, protecting them from rust and giving them more value.

Stand Design

We design, manufacture and assembly trade fair stands at the most important national and international events in different sectors. Our projects are presented in 3 dimensions for shops and stands or any event requiring the presence of the company’s corporate image.

  • This service has always stood out in the rising development and experience of Expositores Alcora since its origins.
  • Our professional team does all the work needed to meet our customers’ expectations.
  • The sales team can travel wherever it is required to offer a wide range of possibilities, advising our customers up-close on the most adequate options and adapting to their needs.

Stand design